A strong community all across the province of Quebec


established institutions

5 500

users from various professions

60 000

patients seen every day by our community

7 millions

patient's records within which our community can collaborate

The dream

Improving healthcare by using technologies to join together health professionals in a community of practice.

réseaux d'experts

An expert network to support you

You will never be alone again. Always take the right decision by getting a second opinion or asking for advice through our interactive communication platform.

suivi maladies chroniques

Programs to follow your patients

We work with several clinical leaders and research groups to provide you with care programs that can help you follow the best healthcare pratices.

dossier médical électronique partageable

An electronic medical record

Our EMR enhances accessibility of information by centralizing data in only one record per patient, thus improving the efficiency and quality of care.

technologie évolutive

A technology evolving with our clients' practice

Our EMR is accessible by all kinds of Web platforms and it allows all data entry modes: tablets, smart phones, Mac or PC computers, voice recognition, macros, from your home or during your next trip in Italy!

pionnier du changement

Leading change

Omnimed is a pioneer in the emerging field of medical technologies in the province of Quebec.

jeune depuis 1984

Young since 1984

Our experience makes us strong and our new, creative and fiery generation keeps our dream alive and growing.

100 pourcent homologué

100% certified

Our EMR has been accredited by the MSSS for more than 10 years.

A passionate team to support you on site from the start and in your daily work.