Help Center Revamp

Following a significant internal analysis as well as various comments received from our users, we are proud to announce that the Omnimed Help Center will undergo a major rejuvenation process.
In the coming weeks, the later will go through an initial phase of modifications during which various ideas we’ve been pondering with for some time already will be integrated.
Here are a few of the changes you should expect for the first phase:

  • Complete visual revamp
  • Overall restructuring of the content
  • Browsing system modifications
  • Integration of a new search tool

Here’s a preview of the first draft:

Once the first phase has been completed, we’re planning on integrating to the Help Center a completely new feature, code named “HBO Omnimed”. It’s a tool who’s goal is to improve communication and interaction between Omnimed and it’s user base, in relation with the continual improvement of Omnimed’s Web EMR. We will provide additional details on this topic in the coming weeks.

We hope these changes will meet, or even exceed, your expectations. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Help Center or by contacting a customer service agent directly by calling 1-888-780-6081.