New institutions for the month of January

We've started the year beautifully with 7 new clients who received their training and have started using our EMR in January.

First, we've welcomed two new pharmacies: Stéphane Saint-Arnaud's pharmacy (Uniprix) in St-Léonard-d'Aston and Nathalie Marchessault's pharmacy (Proxim) in Sherbrooke. We're proud to see that more and more pharmacists are joining us (7 pharmacists this month). Thanks to our EMR, they can, among other things, reduce the number of fax sent to medical clinics and document their clinical acts directly in the patient's record. This helps reinforce the collaboration with clinics neir them. For example, Stéphane Saint-Arnaud's pharmacy will be able to facilitate its work processes with St-Léonard d'Aston and Landry-Fréchette medical clinics as they are part of Omnimed's community. This will certainly result on better follow-up and care for the patients they all serve.

Also, a new clinic of specialists, Evo Kinatex, allowed us to add a new field of expertise in to our customer base: orthopedic surgery. This clinic located in Sherbrooke and associated with Kinatex sports physio offers the services of 4 surgeons.

Moreover, a new clinic, Clinique de santé Pont-Rouge,  has joined the rest of the Portneuf's FMG in the use of our EMR. There are actually 5 doctors in this clinic, and 2 new doctors will join them in April and September 2016.

We've also finished the implementation of a new FMG: Laurier-Station. This FMG is divided in two sites, Centre de santé Arthur-Caux located in Laurier-Station and Clinique médicale Sainte-Agathe located in Sainte-Agathe. Thanks to this FMG, 10 new family doctors, 2 nurses, 1 kinesiologist, 1 nutrionist and 1 psychologist have joined Omnimed's community. Just like Portneuf's FMG, we're convinced that it wil be easier for the different institutions of those FMGs to work together thanks to the access of a single record per patient.

The Coopérative de solidarité SABSA,  whose mission is to offer cares and services to Québec's lower town patients, has also joined our community. This non-profit organization offers a really interesting  business model by increasing access to different health cares thanks to nurses pratitioners and by offering follow-ups and accompaniments to patients who have hepatitis C. We're proud to have inoovative clients like them among us.

Finally, we've welcomed Saint-Constant's medical clinic, which is located in the homonymous municipality, in the Montérégie region. We're happy to welcome this multidisciplinary team which is formed of 4 family doctor, 1 gynecologist, 4 nurses and 3 pharmacists.

As you can see, Omnimed targets a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the health care system and workd with them in order to improve patient cares, interdisciplinary work processes and facilitate the patient's assesment. You would like us to help you analyze your work processes with a pharmacy, a senior's residence or another clinic? Do not hesitate to contact us at