Electronic records keeping... constantly evolving

The Collège des médecins has launched, last September 6th, a new course on the theme of records keeping.

Did you know that Omnimed can help you go further with that? Our project managers are specialists of our electronic medical record (EMR). They’ve helped hundreds of clinics integrate it to their daily practice.

In addition to trainings offered during the deployment of our EMR in your clinic, you can receive further training depending on your needs. We can help you in several ways:

You’re specialized in tracking patients with diabetes? You will learn how to use specific functionalities related to that subject and we’ll suggest you some processes.

You regularly do pregancy follow-ups? You’ll discover effective methods to use our EMR, including how to view and print the obstetrical record.

You do a lot of children monitoring? A work flow including growth charts and ABCdaire forms will be suggested to you.

You do a lot of INR tracking? You’ll be introduced to efficient processes that were developed with some of clients.
Any other needs? We can probably help you with that as well.

Contact your account manager in order to plan a new training session.