A few tangible benefits of using Omnimed

Nothing is more rewarding for a business like ours than receiving positive feedback from our clients and being able to share their testimonies.

We’ve recently heard from a Montreal establishment which has recently adopted Omnimed’s Web EMR. Appart from the obvious benefits of using a technology such as the one put forward by our company, since adopting our EMR, the establishment in question has been able to generate substantial net savings while also significantly reducing their ecological footprint.

Here are a few of the benefits they wanted to share with you:

- Yearly savings of $30 000 only in purchases related to paper filing.

- More then 20 000 fewer paper files in the environnement each year.

- Significant decrease of their paper usage of approximately 10 fewer crates per month.

Also, and this during only their first year using Omnimed, the economies generated by the adoption of this system will allow them to finance the costs related to the digitalizing of all their patient history files which are not covered by the Quebec Electronic Medical Records Adoption Program (PQADME).

It’s always pleasant for our team when your establishments take time to share this type of information with us.

Beyond our mission of improving health care, it’s tangible impacts such as those mentionned above that push us towards constant improvement of the products and services we offer.