A blooming business

For several months already, and still to this day, Omnimed has been going through a phase of exceptionnal growth.

One of the impacts of a blooming business is the hiring of new employees in different teams and the creation of new departments. The business has recently created a research division who’s core mandate is to facilitate interactions between groups of researchers and first line medical practice in the health care industry.

In order to keep the Omnimed community up to date on these changes, we will now be introducing the new employees we welcome to our team.

Over the last couple of months, we proceeded with the hiring of five new employees. Here is a quick presentation of each of them:

  • Patrick Bergeron fills the position of Scientific Director and is at the forefront of our research division. Doctor in biology, post-doctor in public health and seasoned researcher, he brings a new perspective within our organization. His input will greatly contribute to the development of new niches within Omnimed.

  • Jonathan McKnight joined the customer service team a little over a month ago. He brings with him a wide experience in the fields of communications, marketing and advertisement. He joined our team in order to help accelerate the ongoing growth of the Omnimed community as well as to develop new tools from which everyone will benefit.

  • Pierre-Denis Noël is a former Omnimed software developer who returned to his first love after owning new skills with other challenges. His knowledge of the EMR achitecture and his past experience acquired with the company make him the perfect candidate for our operations team.

  • Mike Quirion joined our software development team a few weeks ago. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and with over 7 years of experience in Web applications development, his background in the analysis and the improvement of Web based applications will prove important for the ongoing evolution of our application.

  • Pierre-Martin Tardif, the newest employee in the company, brings with him a broad range of knowledge and an established network in Quebec’s health care system. He occupies the position of Vice President of Special Projects within the company and he has the mission of developing new marketing opportunities. His experience with the team who worked on the Dossier Santé Québec will surely be a great asset to our team.

We’re confident that these new recruits will greatly contribute to the future success of the company, which the entire Omnimed community will benefit from. We also invite you to visit our website's Team page if you're curious about seeing the various members of our team.