New institutions for the month of February

In February, our momentum continued with the addition of two new pharmacies: Pharmacie Steve Babin (Proxim) in Windsor and Pharmacie Martin Lafleur (Brunet) in Sherbrooke. These pharmacies represent the addition of 8 new pharmacists in our network. In order to set up a collaborative work with the pharmacists, several medical clinics have been invited to work closely with the pharmacists throughout Omnimed’s EMR. If you are interested to work in collaboration with the pharmacist of our network, do not hesitate to contact us at

We also have welcomed a new clinic of specialists, the Clinique médicale London. This clinic located in Sherbrooke is part of the Clinique de santé Jacques-Cartier, and is composed of 2 internists, 1 rheumatologist and 1 surgeon. These specialists can now collaborate with the general practitioner that are using Omnimed’s EMR to follow their patients.

In conclusion, we would like to make a special announcement to congratulate the Centre d’urgence St-Laurent, which have already been part of Omnimed’s community for a long time now, for their new use of our Web clinical tools.