A Retrospective of 2014

Here’s a retrospective of 2014 at Omnimed.

Omnimed users

As you probably already know, Omnimed has been going through a major growth period for several years now. Last year, our Web platform counted 668 regular users. Thanks to the integration of new modules and to the continued efforts deployed by our different teams, this number has exploded and reached 1 488 users in December 2014. This represents a net progression of 122 percent.

We wish that the progression of the application’s usage continues its impressive rise during 2015. Several important modules will be developed, which will allow our users to rely less on our old platform, the Virtual Medical Clinic (VMC), and more on Omnimed’s Web application.



For the development team, 2014 was a full of major changes. Here are a few of the notable points of this last year:

  • Turbo version: The development and launch of the Turbo version (10.13.0) required an impressive quantity of work. The main objectives of this version were to standardize various elements within the application while significantly improving its overall performance. Therefore, the average response time within the patient record went from almost 2 seconds to less than 1 second.
  • Frequency of updates: Before the Turbo version, updates were published every three months, for a total of 4 major updates every year. Following the release of the Turbo version, in order to reduce the size of each update as well as make new features accessible more quickly, the team decided to publish more frequent updates. Since then, the goal has been to deploy a major update every month.
  • Quality assurance: By improving our quality assurance techniques and by reviewing our bug fixing procedures during the entire year, the global quantity of bugs in the application has been greatly reduced. Although we’re aware that there are still bugs to be fixed, this is an important step in the right direction.


Client services

We’re continually looking to improve the quality and efficiency of the services offered to Omnimed’s clients. The challenges we addressed in 2014 were the following:

  • Average number of requests per user: By supplying better training tools, information and follow-ups, we were aiming at reducing the number of times a user contacts us within a year. Therefore, the number of requests made by users went down from an average of 26 times a year to 14 times instead.
  • Average resolution time for regular requests: In 2013, a user had to wait an average of 66 minutes before his customer service request was fully resolved. With all the efforts that were invested to improve on this in 2014, a user now waits an average of 48 minutes, which amounts to a net reduction of 18 minutes. It’s also important to note that the first answer to a request was generally received in less than 30 minutes.
  • Average resolution time for urgent requests: As for the urgent requests, they were fully resolved in less than 18 minutes in average.


One of the main challenges for 2014 was the development of the Omnimed community, as much through the Help Center, as by the use of communication tools, or by the involvement of the community’s members.

Historically, Omnimed has always been close to its users, that in the interest of transparency and because of the desire to always improve the products and services offered. With the business’s growth came new challenges. We did not wish to lose the proximity we had with our customer base, but we had to adapt and find ways to help this relationship evolve.


Here are a few tools on which we worked in 2014 in order to help with the development of our community:

  • Help Center: This is a central tool in the company’s strategy to interact with the members of the community. It went through several phases of change over the last year.

    The first phase consisted in generating more original and relevant content for the users in order to stimulate the community into participating more and to proactively offer more support. With new content being generated pretty much every day, we can proudly say we’ve successfully completed this phase.

    After that came the challenge of gathering more comments from our users in order to help us with the application’s development. In the past, we continually received comments from a small group of 2 to 3 users. Now, we have roughly twenty active users. Only 6 months ago, the most commented article had received only 2 comments. At the end of the year, several articles received dozens of comments from different users.

    Finally, at the end of 2014, we migrated to the new Help center interface. A renewed appearance, a reorganized structure and more flexibility is now available to us in order to see to the continued improvement of this tool. In 2015, several novelties will be gradually integrated to it.
  • Blog and website: We’ve integrated a blog tool to the Omnimed website in order to offer more visibility to the news and articles which are aimed at a greater audience than the Omnimed community. We’ve also given the website a new and more dynamic look. The latter now contains images of the company as well as the face of each member of the team. This way, our clients can put a face on the various employees they’ve been in touch with.

If you have any ideas that you would like for us to explore in 2015, please do not hesitate to let us know. We hope that 2015 will be as exciting as 2014 was, and perhaps even more!