GET LOUD for mental health

“GET LOUD for mental health”: this is the theme of the 64th Annual Mental Health Week which is taking place from the 4th to the 10th of May.

This campaign’s objective is to contribute to the improvement of mental health care in Quebec by offering various means which will contribute to the overall improvement of the current situation.

For residents of Quebec, the message is clear: “GET LOUD for mental health”. In our hyperactive modern society, this is a simple message which can seem complex to put into action.

Within the Omnimed community, the question of mental health is omnipresent, while more than 70 000 mental health cases are listed in our EMR, and this number only keeps rising every day.

As an important actor in Quebec’s health care system, we not only have the duty, but also the responsibility of making available, to all of the medical community, tools which will contribute to the improvement of health care services that are provided to patients suffering of mental health issues.

It’s with this line of thinking that we’ve recently integrated, directly within Omnimed’s medical record, clinical tools which help in facilitating the treatment of several of these issues.

Here’s an overview of the available tools:

  • The PHQ-9, PDQ-D5 and GAD-7 are 3 tools which will allow the doctor to flag various issues for patients presenting signs of depression.  They also help with tracking the progression of a patient’s situation over time.

  • Folstein’s mental state test (also called the Mini-Mental) is one of the most commonly used tests to measure someone’s cognitive capacities. It’s a good exploratory test in order to evaluate risks of dementia or Alzheimer.

We’re currently working on developing other clinical tools which will also help with the treatment of mental health issues and which we hope will contribute to the improvement of health care throughout the province of Quebec!