Omnimed and Bonjour-santé working together to facilitate access to health care

We’ve been working on it for some times now and are proud to finally make this announcement: our interface with Bonjour‐santé ® is fully working now! This means that all clinics using (or who wish to use) the Bonjour‐santé ®’s appointments management tools will be able to synchronize their patient index and appointments from Omnimed.

How to enjoy these new features?

This partnership means the end of patient duplicates, imports and periodic updates as Bonjour‐santé ®’s platform now takes care of getting necessary data from the patient index and the Appointment module in Omnimed, without having you to do anything.

➔ Already a client of Bonjour‐santé ®? 
1. Contact the sale team in order to sign the service agreement. 
Alain Fournier 514 380‐2625 | 1 855 380‐2224 alain.fournier@bonjour‐
Linda Gibeau 514 587‐6797 | 1 855 428‐4797 linda.gibeau@bonjour‐
2. Bonjour‐santé ®’s customer service will contact you afterward to plan the best moment for you to start using the interface.

➔ Not using Bonjour‐santé ® solutions? Please contact their sale team at the phone number or email mentioned above.

Why using Omnimed and Bonjour-santé®?

Bonjour‐santé ® offers solutions to optimize walk-in consultation service management and facilitate access to care. Using a solution like Bonjour‐santé ® allows you to add more appointment management functionalities to the ones already offered by Omnimed. It allows: 
➔ a better integration of the advanced access appointment process
➔ to offer a greater access to availabilities thanks to phone registration and online registration
➔ appointment confirmation (automated phone calls, emails and SMS)
➔ to offer the possibility to cancel appointment more easily
➔ and even more!! 

For more information on this partnership, please contact Bonjour‐santé ® customer service at 1‐866‐943‐9480 or by email at specialistes@bonjour‐