New members of Omnimed's community in May

At the beginning of last month, Dr. Jacques Faucher's medical clinic, which is part of Arthabaska's FMG, came back with us. As a matter of fact, this clinic, which was an old client who stopped using our tools for a while, has decided to start using our Web EMR. We're truly happy to welcome them back!

Located in Lac-Saint-Jean's region, the family medicine clinic of Saint-Nazaire, composed of 3 physicians and 3 administrative assistants, started using our EMR in May. We're proud to count one more clinic in this region.

Brunswick medical center made the big move and started to use our Web application for the administrative and clinical staff. This is one of the biggest clinics in Québec where many general practitioners, specialists, nurses, other healthcare professionals and their support staff work. Congratulations for this successful transition!

Dr. Mélissa Joly who works at the CLSC des Bois-Francs also joined Omnimed. She is part of a home-care team with Dr. Lopez and Dr. Fréchette. With the EMR, Dr. Joly will have access to the information added by other stakeholders and will be able to ensure better home-care monitoring.

Once again, welcome to all!