The history

Dr. Jean Boilard

Dr. Jean Boilard

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Jean Boilard, the company, then called Caduceus, was specialized in the development and the marketing of management tools for medical clinics. 

Firmly convinced that the need was larger than what Caduceus was offering, Dr. Boilard founded Omnimed in 1998.  

Since it's early day, the company has been a pioneer in the emerging field of medical technologies in the province of Quebec, and has established itself over the years as a leader in software developement . 

Today, the company offers more than just technological tools by bringing together caregivers in order to share medical knowledge and advance health care.

Following the death of Dr. Boilard in 2010, his son, Xavier, took the company's lead. Xavier's sister, Stéphanie (emergency physician), and his mother, Danielle (general practitioner), have been helping him ever since. 

Omnimed's dream

« Improving healthcare by using technologies to join together health professionals in a community of practice. »

Omnimed's dream relies on our willingness to offer more than a simple electronic medical record (EMR). This dream becomes a reality by the development of tools which encourage collaboration, information sharing, work process efficiency, and access to medical knowledge which facilitates the treatment of health care episodes and patient follow-ups.

Omnimed's values

Réseau d'experts


Technologies are constantly evolving, therefore we need to adapt and be up-to-date. Also, we believe that it is always possible to improve, this is why we are committed to making our application evolve in order to follow the best practices and to always offer you more.


Our clients are at the heart of our mission. We do everything we can to offer the best possible service. We listen to them and involve them in our decision-making processes. We think that by all collaborating together we will be able to see to the advancement of health care. 


A good part of the company's success depends on its team.  Interpersonal relationships are therefore very important. Because of this, we value team-work in order for people to connect and to bring the best of each member.