A single patient record, what does that mean?


We offer the only solution in the Quebec market allowing information sharing between the different healthcare professionals, and this even outside the same institution.

  1. More than a simple information share, our EMR allows a contribution in only one and the same patient record by many professionals of distinct institutions (data centralization) helping the continuity and the quality of healthcare.
  2. By having access to the clinical notes from other professionals who have seen the patient, the healthcare worker can take better decisions.
  3. The information-sharing allows professionals to make better follow-ups and facilitates healthcare episodes for patients who do not have a family doctor because all of the healthcare workers he consults can have access to his medical record (allergies, problems, life habits, medications, results, etc.).
  4. The laboratory/imaging results are available for all the healthcare workers who are consulting the record and not only for the professional who made the request.
  5. Our system facilitates the practice in more than one institution because the doctor uses only one account to use the EMR with which he can access his Result review, his tasks, and his patients' records.
  6. We offer a connectivity platform that allows information sharing with other systems, such as the QHR, the RAMQ, CNESST, APSS, the laboratories, the diverse online appointments systems, etc.

Working with Omnimed is being at the forefront of other systems and choosing to endorse its vision: sharing information to improve healthcare.