Assign a file number to the patient in your institution

You can assign a record number to the patient at two different moments: when creating his record or when accessing his administrative information in order to modify them. In both cases, you must access the patient's Administrative center (when creating a new record, you'll automatically be redirected there; otherwise, you can access it through the patient search, by the recently viewed section, by the Results module, or any other place where you see the patient name), by clicking on the patient icon located before the patient's name.

Assign a record number

  1. Access the Administrative center.
  2. Click on Modify in the Administrative information section.
    • Manually assign a record number by typing it in the Record number field;
    • Assign the next record number available in your institution by clicking on the Next number button (it will become blue when activated).
  3. Click on Save.

⚠️ If you use the Next number button, you will only see the number after saving the changes.

ℹ️ Please note

  • Only 8-digit numbers or less are allowed.
  • If you enter a number manually which is higher than the usual serie, it will be the number following this one that will be added to the next use of the Next number button.
  • You can only add numbers in this field.
  • In order to be able to save, there must no longer be any error fields (red messages under the various fields).