Accessing configuration of check-in kiosk


With the implementation of a check-in kiosk at the front desk, patients can register themselves in the waiting room, freeing your staff from this administrative task.


  • Corporate package
  • Check-in kiosk
  • Installation and configuration of the check-in kiosk application (performed by the Omnimed technical team)

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Starting the terminal

Start the check-in kiosk by pressing the computer's power button (behind the kiosk) and the screen's power button (at the back of the lower right-hand corner of the screen).

The terminal will start up and automatically open the Omnimed recording terminal application.

Steps to follow 

You need to connect a USB splitter cable to the terminal (in order to connect a keyboard and mouse) to access the configuration menu. 

1. Remove the panel securing access to the USB port at the rear of the display, on the left-hand side.

2. Plug the USB splitter cable into the USB port.

You can purchase a wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad and leave the keyboard's USB receiver plugged into the display's USB port. This allows easy access to configurations without having to go through the previous steps every time.


3.Using the keyboard, enter the word config followed by the Enter key to access the Configuration window: 

The fields have been pre-configured by the Omnimed team. It is important not to change the information in the Base URL, Institution ID, Proxy and AuthCode fields.

4. Here is the list of configurations that can be updated: 
  • Enable or disable lateness management
  • Adjust the delay for displaying patient information on the screen 
  • Add a logo for your clinic to be displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  • Modify display colors 
  • Enable the display of a personalised message to be shown to the patient each time a health insurance card is read, as well as the colors associated with this message

5. Confirm your changes before exiting the configuration menu by clicking on the Save button.

6. Exit the terminal application by entering the words fin or quit on the keyboard, followed by the Enter key. 

Upon request, our team can accompany you and access your Omnimed check-in kiosk remotely.

Important information:

  • The check-in kiosk screen is touch-enabled. Only a specific area of the screen accepts touch gestures. This area is a centered rectangle that eliminates about 2 cm along each side of the screen to prevent a patient from accessing the computer desktop.
  • From the computer desktop, it is possible to adjust the WI-FI network as required, or other workstation configurations.
  • A shortcut provides access to the kiosk application. It's a heart icon named Borne enregistrement Omnimed.