Finding previous electronic consultations


Answers provided by specialists to general physicians' questions via electronic consultations are useful to the patients for whom the request was made, but also for future similar cases. For this reason, know that you can easily find your previous electronic consultations in the Tasks module by adjusting the filters. This allows seeing the answers provided previously and maybe avoid sending a new request to the specialist if the information needed has already been sent in a previous request. 

Find your previous electronic consultations

To access your previous electronic consultations easily for future reference, go to the Tasks module in the left menu and select the following filters:

  • Institution: Consultations électroniques - Estrie (or another one, depending on your region)
  • Tasks type: All tasks
  • Tasks queue: My sent tasks
  • Completed or Uncompleted (depending on if the task is active or completed)

You can also sort the results to have them ascending or descending by date, or sorted by title.

By clicking on the patient's name related to the task, you access his record and you can consult the note in which there is the electronic consultation content.