New buttons added to the obstetrical file tools for increased efficiency


We have made some improvements to our obstetrical file tools to make you more efficient. This is the first set of improvements that are part of a larger redesign project for these tools. This is the first set of improvements that are part of a larger redesign project for these tools.

Phase 1 (now online!)

First, we have added an instruction section at the beginning of the tools in order to highlight the steps to follow for an optimal use of our tools. Some instructions have also been added in other sections to highlight a few tips.

Just below the instructions section, we have added, for each form, a button or buttons allowing you to delete recurring data from the previous pregnancy. Thus, you will no longer have to manually clear each field containing data not relevant to the current pregnancy.

Finally, we have added buttons at the bottom of each tool to allow you to open the next obstetrics form to complete. These buttons will allow you to be more efficient during the patient’s first visit as you won’t have to scroll back up to your favorites or the search tool to open the next form.

Phase 2 (coming soon)

The next changes to come will aim to reduce a few problems that currently occur when printing or faxing the forms:

  • Some information documented in the conclusion should not appear in the Treatments or remarks field on Form 4.
    • Solution that will be implemented: A field will be added in the tool to match the Treatments or remarks field on the printed form and a button will be added to copy its content in the conclusion (see the example below)
  • Some visits that are not part of the same pregnancy appear on the printed form 4 (because form 4 currently includes all forms that have been completed in the nine months prior to the due date.
    • Upcoming solution: display on the form 4, all visits for which the “Gravida” field displays the same data.

Other series of improvements will be planned in order to make our tools more efficient. We would eventually like to create new tools that would follow the pregnancy monitoring process according to trimesters and key visits. Despite the fact that these tools would no longer look like the forms you know, the content will be printed on the standardized forms of the obstetrical file.

Comments? Suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact us.