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Patient P4 and P5 redirection with Rendez-vous santé Québec (RVSQ)

The consultation reason Patient redirection is available with Rendez-vous santé Québec (RVSQ) since December 2019.

When a public time slot is opened at RVSQ with that consultation reason, patient redirection for priority 4 and priority 5 present in the emergency rooms of Quebec hospitals is possible. In fact, the nurses at the triage will use the same interface as the nurses at 811 to redirect patients to the public time slots opened at RVSQ offered by neighboring institutions.

Modification of the reason for consultation "Patient redirection" in the context of a pandemic

Press release from the RAMQ in the context of COVID-19, April 29, 2020

Rendez-vous santé Québec (RVSQ) is adapting to the current pandemic context to promote remote consultations between patients and doctors. In this context, the reason for consultation "Redirection" has been split into 2:

  • Redirection - By phone
  • Redirection - In clinic

This change applies to both clinical staff and hospital staff.

Clinic staff

If any of your availability slots currently online have the consultation reason "Patient redirection", note that this has been converted to "Redirection - By phone". If you wish to physically meet patients who have previously been redirected by a triage nurse at a hospital center, you must create new availability slots with the consultation reason "Redirection - In clinic".

You have the possibility of putting the reasons for consultation "Redirection - By telephone" and "Redirection - In clinic" in the same space to leave it to the hospitals to determine the nature of the appointment.

The decision to make available or not the beaches for which the consultation reason is “Redirection - In clinic” is up to you. You are under no obligation to offer clinic appointments to patients who will be referred.

⚠️ Please note

The reason for consultation "Redirection - In clinic" is only accessible by hospital centers. The reason for consultation "Redirection - By telephone", meanwhile, remains accessible by all stakeholders in the health network who can make appointments for a patient (clinic, telephone exchange, a nurse at 811, and hospital center). 

Hospital staff

Once you have evaluated the patient, you can make an appointment according to his condition. If you deem it necessary for the patient to obtain an appointment in the clinic, you can select the reason for consultation "Redirection - In clinic". Otherwise, we ask you to give priority to the following reason: "Redirection - By phone".

The decision to make available or not the time slots for which the consultation reason is "Redirection - In clinic" is up to family physicians in the clinic. Thus, if no such appointment is available, you can redirect the patient to a telephone appointment and the family doctor will reassess whether he wishes to meet the patient physically or not.