Prescribe narcotics with Omnimed

Even if the prescription process doesn't change for the narcotics, some particularities can be noted. Particular attention has been drawn to adjust details for the prescription of this type of drug.

First of all, to differentiate the narcotics from another kind of drug in the patient summary, a blue circle containing the letter N is displayed beside each prescription of narcotics in each view of the Medications summary box.

Particularities of the prescription process

You will quickly see the differences between the prescription form for the narcotics, more specifically in the Delivered product section.

  • The total quantity is required. You won't be able to add a prescription to the order without entering anything in this field.
  • The end of treatment and Renewal fields have been removed.
  • Three new fields have been added: number of services, the quantity to serve, and interval.

ℹ️ Please note

  • No validation is made on the information entered in the Total quantity field, the number of services, quantity to serve, and interval. We don't do the fraction for you.
  • The number of services corresponds to the number of services that can be given to the patient by the pharmacist.
  • The interval corresponds to the minimum interval to be observed between the services.

    Particularities of the renewal process

    You will find the narcotics in the Renewables tab of the prescriber. However, if you choose to renew many medications at a time and to harmonize the end of treatment, this will not be applied to the narcotics. The renewal will be made for the exact same quantity and duration as the first prescription of the drug.