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Results review

The Results module in the left menu of the application allows you to manage and follow new diagnostic test results. Here are some actions you can make in this module.

Filter and sort results

The Results module allows you to filter and sort results in order to reduce the number of results seen in the module. You can choose to see the results for all of your work institutions or just one at a time. You can also filter your results to see them all, but also to see your results only, your results and CC or your patients' results only. Then, you can see your new results, the ones followed, archived or seen by an on-call caregiver, and the normal and abnormal ones or just the abnormal ones. It is also possible to sort the results previously filtered by modification date, by creation date or by effective date, ascending or descending.

Tag a result as followed and archive it

Archiving a result allows you to make it disappear from your Results module and to leave a note in the patient's record that the result has been consulted. The archived results can be found in the filter archived once it is done. To tag a result as followed, you only have to click on the star beside the result for it to move under the filter Followed. You can consult it later and archive it whenever you want. It is also possible to comment on a result, associate tasks to results, show details of a result and much more.

On-call feature for laboratory results

On-demand, your institution can access the on-call feature for laboratory results that allows a user to review the results of one or more users simultaneously if he has the mandates for these users who are out of the institution for a short period. With the filter New in the Results, the results can be found in the filter Seen by an on-call caregiver and can be archived by the caregiver who made the request when he comes back.

Massive laboratory results classification

If you have an important quantity of results to archive, know that you can fill this form and send it to us so that we can archive your results for a given period of time.