Scanning configuration


Scanning is done with a generic account specific to scanning that can be used by all scanning staff, provided it is used one person at a time. For privacy purposes, this generic account does not have access to the Omnimed web application.

1. Omnimed account configuration

The configuration of the Omnimed account used for scanning (scanning service associated with the Omnimed account) allows information to be sent from the SFTP server to the CMV scanning module. Only one configuration required per account. This account configuration is carried out by Omnimed (billable service, 30 minutes at $150/hour + taxes).

Complete the Scanning account creation request for the creation of a new generic scanning account. 

⚠️ Warning!

The scanning service is deactivated without notice after 3 months of inactivity in order to avoid an overload on our scanning servers. It is therefore strongly recommended to scan a minimum of once a month to avoid the scanning service being disabled.

2. Computer station configuration

The configuration of the computer station used for scanning allows information from the scanning station to be sent to the SFTP server. A configuration by scanning account must be made for each station used for scanning.

This configuration can be performed by your technical support or by Omnimed (billable service, 30 minutes at $150/hour + taxes for a single account, and 15 minutes per additional account to configure).

ℹ️ Procedure for IT Technicians

Here is the Scanning installation guide (new procedure available since 2023) to download. This document contains everything you need to set up a scanning workstation, both for a new computer and for a new user account. 
This information is usually sufficient for IT technicians to configure independently.

Previous version of the procedure: Scanning installation guide and the installation kit