Target dose concept

The Preferences section of the Medications summary box allows you to activate or deactivate the target dose.

If you choose the target dose, the form and dosage will be considered in the first place. The quantity is not displayed and is at the discretion of the pharmacist.

If you do not opt for this selection, a combination of the dosage, form, and quantity will be necessary. For example:

  • Active target dose (blue): the final dose of 500 mg per day for a selected medication.
  • Inactive target dose (grey): quantity of two caps of 250 mg.

Enable or disable the display of the target dose

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the prescriber to access your preferences.
  2. Slide the switch to the right to display in target dose (blue switch) or to the left to disable this display (grey switch).

  3. In both cases, you will see modifications in all sections of the prescriber following your selection: in the profile, the prescription form, the renewable view, the prescription, etc. Essentially, elements change according to the selected preference.