Tasks indicator

To facilitate the review of your tasks, an indicator in the navigation menu allows you to identify at a glance the number of tasks that require your attention.

Description of the calculation

The task indicator indicates the number of tasks you have to complete, regardless of the institution. It displays the number of tasks assigned to your name, whose state is New with a due date equal to today or in the past.

⚠️ The indicator does not count tasks assigned to one of your task queues, but not specifically assigned to your name. The task must absolutely be assigned to your name to be counted in the indicator.

In addition, the indicator does not indicate the number of tasks to be completed, but rather the number of tasks whose due date has passed.

The task indicator is blue in the absence of an urgent task, i.e. when all tasks are of Normal priority. It is red when at least one of the tasks due is of Urgent priority. Place your cursor on the indicator to know the exact number of urgent tasks to be processed.

Select the filters below in the Tasks module to view the tasks of the indicator (you can sort as you'd like to):

Update of the indicator

The indicator is updated in real-time.

The maximum number displayed by the indicator is 999. Place your cursor on the indicator to see the actual number beyond that number.

Selection of a mandate

If you are working on behalf of a colleague by selecting their mandate from your list of mandates, the tasks indicator will display the number of tasks of this colleague. Select Myself to view your own tasks.