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Tasks module

The Tasks module contains all the tasks assigned to you and allows their management.

    Add/modify/delete a task

    The Tasks module allows you to create a task for yourself or a colleague. To add a task linked to a patient, you must do it through the patient's record in the summary box Tasks. You can also add an administrative task in the Tasks module in the left menu. It is possible to modify, delete, classify, or complete tasks.

    Filter and sort tasks

    The Tasks module allows you to filter and sort tasks in order to reduce the number of tasks seen in the module. You can choose to filter the tasks for all of your work institutions or just one at a time, all your tasks or the ones linked to notes or results only, your sent tasks, administrative tasks, or all categories at once, and the ones completed or uncompleted. It is also possible to sort the tasks previously filtered by the due date or by title, ascending or descending.

    Assign a task (quick tasks and favorite tasks)

    In order to optimize work processes, the creation of quick tasks allows you to assign quickly usual and repeating tasks. The person responsible for the administrator account can add quick tasks. Once this has been done, they can be found in your Omnimed profile and you can add them to your favorite tasks so they appear in the task header while creating it.

    Assign a task to a group of people (tasks queue)

    The task queue allows you to assign tasks to several people at the same time. The person responsible for the administrator account can create task queues and choose who is part of them.

    Electronic consultations

    An electronic consultation is a collaboration between first and second-line physicians directly into Omnimed's EMR. Family physicians can ask questions related to a clinical note, a result or any information found in the patient's file using tasks. This procedure allows family physicians to have answers to their ambiguous or complex questions and to offer the best possible service to their patients. You can see the list of specialties per region to this day.