The Description view in the Results summary box

The Description view of the Results summary box allows you to search a result, add results to the patient record summary and display the results by order, in a graph, and in a grid using the corresponding icons.

Access the Description view

  1. Choose the Description filter at the top of the Results summary box of the patient record.

Search for a result

  1. Search for a term via the search bar in the upper right corner to filter the list of results:
  2. To view the results, follow the steps described in the Show the results section below.

Add a result to the summary

  1. Click on the star in front of the result groups to display in the record summary (right menu in the patient record). When the star is yellow, the results will be shown in the summary.

Show the results

The Description view also allows you to view results by order, in a chart, and in a grid. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired results;
    1. Click the 3 horizontal bars to find all the orders associated with a result OR;
    2. Click on the graph icon to display a trend line OR;
    3. Click on the small squares icon for the display in a table.