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A few weeks ago, we sent you an email announcing that Omnimed had chosen not to develop a new billing system as part of the SYRA project and to concentrate its efforts on the development of its EMR. Here is the list of questions we've received from our users.





1. What does the revamp of RAMQ’s billing system (SYRA project) mean for us?

The revamp of RAMQ’s billing system is a change in the request submission mechanisms, meaning also that it needs a revamp of the electronic billing systems currently offered on the market, such as the one we offer.

2. What decision did we make regarding the need to revamp our own billing system?

After thinking it through carefully, we decided to concentrate our efforts on developing our EMR and, as a result, we will not be redesigning our billing system

Our billing system was functional and the company had no plans for a major revamp in the coming year. This change would have disrupted our planning and the system revamp would have monopolized a large portion of our development team for the year. As a result, this would have greatly slowed down the development of the EMR, including several highly-anticipated tools such as our medical-administrative web tools, our prescriber and the optimization of several other modules. A strategic decision had to be made.

This decision was thoroughly analyzed. We knew this decision would have an effect on some of our clients, but the other option would have affected all of them because the majority of Omnimed client activities currently rely on the electronic medical record, not medical billing. In addition, we knew that we would be able to guide our clients through this change and that we could recommend promising alternatives to them.


3. How much longer can we continue to use our current billing system?

Our current billing system will be supported until the deadline set by the RAMQ, which is the end of December 2016 (or later if there are any delays from the RAMQ with the SYRA project rollout), in order to provide our clients a transition period. This will allow you to weigh the different options available to you and to prepare for the change.

The RAMQ nomenclature should be updated in June. You do not have to change software for this date. As soon as an official notice from the Régie is released, we will proceed with analyzing the changes to be implemented. We should be able to apply these changes to the current Omnimed software, and some modifications may be made for conformity. 

4. How can we support our clients during this transition?

Two decisions were made to support our clients during this change:

  1. We signed a partnership agreement with Softinfo, the leader in medical billing in Quebec, to facilitate our clients’ transition to a new system. Over 50% of doctors in Quebec currently use Softinfo’s systems for billing. This partner will be concentrating all of its development efforts on its new billing software in the coming year. The Softinfo system will be integrated with our EMR so we can send data related to pre-billing and the patient index. We wanted to have at least one official partner with a specialized billing solution to ensure we can guide you through this change.
  2. We will develop a new service that will be integrated into our Web EMR: pre-billing. This system will allow doctors to enter services rendered as they conduct their appointments, which will make the billing process more efficient. Support will also be offered during pre-billing, which will also optimize billing. Information entered during pre-billing can then be transmitted through an interface to the billing system of your choice. The Softinfo interface will be our priority.

5. Will fees for the Omnimed user licence be reduced after the billing service stops?

No, the user license will still be offered at the same cost. Many new services will be available to you in the coming year, including pre-billing, new medical-administrative Web tools, a new prescriber, etc. We will also continue developing the application each month at no additional cost. Plus, our administrative tools license was always offered at the same price regardless of whether or not you used billing.

6. When can I start using the Softinfo billing software?

Softinfo received confirmation in early March 2016 that its new software is compliant with RAMQ’s SYRA project. The rollout for this project should start at the end of April; Softinfo can then begin its plan to transition from its old software to the new one. 

Starting in June, the first clients wanting to migrate to the Softinfo software can be transferred. However, integration of Omnimed and Softinfo’s medical-administrative indices is expected to be completed in September. All of our clients should be migrated to a new solution by early December.

7. Will our agency numbers change?


8. Do we have to request a provider change through RAMQ?

You need to send a letter to RAMQ to notify them of the provider change once the migration is complete. This is a simple administrative change, so you won’t have to fill out all the forms again.


9. Who can I contact if I am interested in seeing what Softinfo has to offer?

We recently sent you an e-mail asking if you would prefer to be contacted by Softinfo or if you would prefer that we act as the intermediary for the change. Based on your answer, someone from our team or Softinfo’s team will contact you.

10. What are the fees for using the Softinfo software?

The Softinfo offering follows a competitive pricing scale.

We encourage you to discuss this with your project manager or customer service to establish an estimate of usage fees that may apply to your establishment.

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