Technical Services



Who knows the specific mechanisms behind our system better than us? That is the exact reason why we offer technical services to ensure that our clients’ workstations are set up properly in order for them to get the most out of our electronic medical record (EMR).

You are opening a new medical clinic? A new user will soon be joining your team?
You would like to get some advice to upgrade your computer material?
You need to set up your scanner or your access to Omnimed’s Quebec medical record (QHR) viewer?
You want to optimize your processes by reducing printouts and document scanning?

Our technical expert is the man you need!



  • Scanning service creation

  • Scanner and computer configuration

  • Printer drivers configuration (Print-it and New Zebra) (Print-it and New Zebra)

  • Google Chrome configuration (customization, language, shortcuts, etc.)


  • Configuration of an electronic signature that can be printed on your prescriptions and forms to hand out to the patient

  • Configuration of an electronic way to receive your fax in order to save paper and avoid having to scan documents (such as results)

  • Configuration of a system allowing you to send PDF files (like a clinical note) through fax electronically using the print button in the EMR


Our EMR is interfaced and synchronized with the QHR. You can view the QHR’s content directly from our EMR, as well as send your prescriptions to the QHR. To do so, a few configurations need to be made. Our technical expert can undertake them for you.


  • Save time: An expert is someone who knows the fastest way to achieve your goal. He knows all the settings and mechanisms behind our system by heart.

  • Save money: Less time = more money in your pockets!

  • Enjoy a guarantee on the work performed.

  • Rely on his expertise: Whether it is for a simple configuration, to find a system malfunction or to give you advice, he knows what he is doing. Working for us for several years, he knows our clients’ needs and work processes.

Please note that if your clinic works with an authorized service center or if you have an IT manager, we might need to get some special authorization to work on your workstation. You’ll then have to plan the configuration with them too.


Mario Georgopoulos - OmnimeD’S TECHNICAL EXPERT

Mario has an attestation of collegial studies (ACS) in network administration, as well as programmer analyst. He has worked for 8 years as a computer technician before joining our team. Working for us since 2014, Mario has worked for a long time as a support agent, in addition to helping our client with their technical problems. He knows most of our clients and the different authorized service center working with them really well, as well as all of our system’s mechanisms.

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