Add a medication to the patient's record without prescribing it

Sometimes, your patient tells you that he uses certain medications that you didn't prescribe to him and that are not appearing in his electronic record. You might want to add these medications to his record so that the information becomes easily accessible.

Enter a medication without prescribing it

  1. Access the prescriber by clicking on the summary box Medications.
  2. Click on the switch to select the option Enter a medication without prescription.

    ℹ️ Open the module in the exact same mode you left it last:  When you click on the + button, the last mode that was used (prescribe or add medication without prescribing it) will be selected. Therefore, if your last action was to add medication without prescribing it, the same option will be kept to help you add many medications one by one to the patient record.
  3. Type the medication's DIN and press Enter on your keyboard to launch the search.

    A list of suggestions will be displayed (up to 20 suggestions, otherwise refine your search).
  4. Click on the suggestion that looks the closest to what you are looking for.
  5. You will then be able to change the medication's details. It's possible that the required fields are empty, you will have to fill them in order to be able to save the medication to the patient's record.
    ℹ️ The Target doseDose, and Strength and form fields are all interrelated and adjust when either is changed. For example, if you select Acetaminophen 500 mg and adjust the target dose to 750 mg, the dose will automatically adjust to indicate that the patient should take 1.5 tablets of 500 mg.
  6. Click on the checkmark to save.


⚠️ Important: A medication without a prescription cannot be refilled. There will be no option available. It is possible to prescribe this medication directly. Here is an example of the options that will be available:

It is also possible to prescribe from the medication history if the medication is not for chronic treatment.