Add files or pictures to the clinical note

It is possible to add different types of files (images and PDFs) to your clinical note. You could, therefore, add a photo of a patient’s wound, add relevant literature relevant to your note, a result, or an editable PDF that has already been completed.

Add a file from your computer

  1. Click in the Consultation reason field in order to start a new clinical note.
  2. Add the file with one of the two following options :

    1. Click on Your computer in the Add a file section under the clinical note tags and Select a file on your computer.
    2. Drag and drop the file directly to the Drag a file here area.

⚠️ Please note

  • Only PDF, JPEG and PNG files are accepted.
  • The filename can’t exceed 100 characters. If the file name contains spaces, accents or special characters, it will be automatically renamed to replace the spaces with underscores and the accents and special characters will be removed completely.
  • The maximum file size allowed is 5 MB

    Add a photo from a cell phone

    It is possible to generate a link via the clinical note in order to allow the direct addition of photos from a cell phone and thus quickly document the clinical note during the consultation with the patient.

    The practitioner can take the photos from his cell phone during an in-person consultation while the patient can send the photos during a remote consultation. This feature can also be used to take a picture of a document instead of scanning the document.

    🚨 Preliminary considerations:

    • We recommend that you take patient photos directly from our feature so that you don't have to save them on your phone. If you absolutely must save patient photos locally on your phone, be sure to disable automatic photo synchronization on cloud storage beforehand. 
    • Feature available for healthcare professionals only. You must open the record with the option Myself. The option is not available from an administrative account.
    • Only photos are accepted (jpg or png format). It is not possible to upload a PDF document.
    • This features uses your cellular data since uploading and sending photos is done through a web page.

    1. Send a secure link to add photos

      From the clinical note:

      1. Select one of the following two options to generate the link:
        1. Click on the Your cell phone option to send a link to your cell phone to the number specified in your user profile.
        2. Click on The patient's cell phone option to send a link via SMS to the cell phone number indicated at the patient's administrative center. If the patient has more than one cell phone number documented in the administrative center, the first number is the one that is used.
      2.  A notification at the bottom of the page confirms that the SMS has been sent.
      3. Once the SMS has been received, the patient or caregiver clicks on the link in order to open the web page allowing the addition of photos via the cell phone's photo library or the camera directly. The link is valid for a limited duration of 10 minutes and can only be used once.
      4. Click on Add and then select the photos to be sent. It is possible to send up to ten photos.
      5. Click on the Send button. A message will confirm that the photos have been sent.

      6. ⚠️ If photos have been saved locally on your phone before using this feature, be sure to permanently delete them from the cellular device you used. 

      2. Import the photos into the clinical note

      1. A notification appears at the top of the patient's record to indicate that the photos are available. Click on Import to import all images.
      2. Photos are added at the top of the clinical note.

      Activity logging

      The addition of photos is logged at the bottom of the clinical note.