Add the reference record numbers of your patients

As interinstitution and interprofessional work are valued at Omnimed and as we understand that it may be practical for you to know the record numbers of your patients in other institutions, it is possible to document these numbers in the patient's Administrative center.

Document a reference record number

  1. Access the patient’s Administrative center (by clicking on the patient icon located beside the name of the patient).
  2. Click on Modify in the Administrative information section.
  3. Click on the + button beside the Record number section.
  4. Add the institution’s name and the associated record number.
  5. Click on Save.

ℹ️ Please note

  • Your institution’s name and record number always appear first in the list of record numbers.
  • The "Institution name" and "Record number" fields are just regular text fields so you can enter any letter or number in it, without limit.
  • You can remove any record number by clicking on the X button beside the appropriate number.
  • The record numbers and institutions are displayed in the same order that they have been added to the patient record.
  • You can modify a record number simply by clicking in the appropriate field.
  • The record numbers, as well as all the information in the Administrative information section, are logged specifically for your connection facility, so they are only displayed to users connected in your institution. The records that are documented for the patient can thus be different from an institution to another. IF you work in a FMG with more than one site, you will need to add the record numbers for each site.
  • You cannot search a patient with these reference record numbers.