All you need to know about electronic results

Managing results in your electronic medical record (EMR) arouses many questions. Considering this, we have bundled them all in one article.

Why should I receive my results directly into my EMR?

Managing results electronically provides many benefits. We have listed some of them:

  • Centralize your tasks - You already work in the EMR, why not manage your results on that same platform?
  • Decrease time allowed for scanning - That way, your team will have time to work on other projects.
  • Display results in the summary - Receiving electronic results allows you to add desired results to the summary, which makes it easy to review in one quick look in the patient's file.
  • Have access to your results wherever you are, even at home - Your EMR is available everywhere! Take advantage of it when necessary.
  • Sign your results electronically - Archiving received results can be done in one click. No paper stacking on your desk.
  • Reduce paper waste - Even if that advantage is obvious, it's real!

I am receiving paper copies of my results and I want to receive them electronically. What do I need to do?

The process to follow depends on your profession. You understand that steps must be taken and that reception is not done systematically when creating your account.

⚠️ Please note

You can receive results in the EMR even if you haven't subscribed for it. It happens when you're copied in a laboratory requisition for a patient.

Summary chart - Subscriptions to receive electronic results

Healthcare professionals Doctors Other healthcare professionals (nurses, residents, etc.)
Subscribing to the technocentre Whatever is your title, you must subscribe to the technocentre.

The information must be added to our database. You must send us this information at

  • Omnimed username
  • Laboratories name you will receive results from
  • inscription numbers provided by the laboratories

I am receiving electronic results and one of them is missing. How can I fix this situation?

We have a process in place to analyze the situation more closely. You must always complete the Missing laboratory results form so we can analyze the situation. All of the information allows us to understand why the result is missing. If needed, we send the request to the technocentre of your administrative region.

Please verify the following points before completing the form:

  • Are there two patient files for the same patient? - Please search for the patient with a combination of the first name, last name, and birthdate for example. If there are two files for one patient, a fusion request must be completed. It is possible that the missing result is in the other patient's file. If not, go to the next question.
  • Is the laboratory interfaced with Omnimed? - All results cannot be received in the EMR: an interface must be developed with laboratories. If you have already received a result from this laboratory in Omnimed, go to the next question.
  • Have you ever received results for which you were the author? - If not, please refer to the previous question I am receiving paper copies of my results and I want to receive them electronically. What do I need to do?. If the answer is yes, please complete the form.

I have many results to archive in my inbox. Is it possible to classify them all at once?

Totally! Two options can be considered:

  1. Archive your results in batch, page per page, by checking the desired boxes on the left of the results. Click on the archive button at the top of the Results module page.
  2. It is also possible for you to archive all results received before a specific date. You must sign the results classification authorization and return it at You can download the PDF file at the bottom of the article.

I would like to transfer an interface request. Whom should I speak with?

Even if Omnimed is interfaced with many laboratories, you can send us your suggestions at Please specify this information:

  • Complete name and Omnimed username
  • Laboratory name or given institution
  • Type of results (biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, cytology, hematology, radiology, nuclear medicine)
  • Contact at the laboratory (complete name, phone number, and email)

The request will be forwarded to the interfaces manager at Omnimed, who will be happy to analyze the request more closely.

How can I manage properly my printed results in the EMR?

While we advocate electronic receipt of results, for a variety of reasons, paper copies may need to be scanned.

Depending on the classification made, the scanned document will go to specific modules of the EMR. The document type and filing category determine where the document will appear in Omnimed. Here is a table summarizing it all.

Summary chart - Scanning documents classification

Type of document Category Location in the patient's record
Result 04 Results

☒ Results (patient's file and Results module of the concerned healthcare professional)

☐ Clinical note

Result Any other category than 04 Results

☒ Results (patient's file and Results module of the concerned healthcare professional)

☒ Clinical note

Standard 04 Results

☐ Results (patient's file and Results module of the concerned healthcare professional)

☒ Clinical note

Standard Any other category than 04 Results

☐ Results (patient's file and Results module of the concerned healthcare professional)

☒ Clinical note

ℹ️ Please note

  • The results are accessible at all times in the patient's file, even if the result is not classified by the author.
  • Please note that it is not necessary for the doctor to sign his result before it is scanned: he will have to file it in the EMR, which becomes the doctor's signature confirming that he has read the result.

    I want a new scanning code or a new tag. Where can I send that request?

    You have searched the existing subcategories, and none meet your need? It is possible to request the addition of a scanning subcategory at any time. It will be our pleasure to analyze everything more closely. It takes 5 working days to complete these requests.

    I have questions about the Results module. How can I learn more?

    You can access the Results section in our help center, also available in our contextual help. This will allow you to discover more about this module.

    One of my colleagues is leaving the clinic, how do we ensure the follow-up of his lab results?

    It is possible to keep the Omnimed account of the professional in question partially open in order to maintain access to his mandate to review his electronic results. Once the transition period is over, the clinic manager will request that the account be closed completely. 

    If the lab interface registration is a per institution configuration, it is not possible to receive paper results for only certain clinic members.

    In the case of a single user moving, if they want to track their results to their new address, they can change the address on their requests when they are written so that the results are sent to their new clinic.