Clinical note loss - Exit a note in writing


You may have already hooked your mouse button or the browser button which leads to a return to the previous page or even clicked on another section of the application, for example, the Results module, and forget to open it in another tab.

When you leave, voluntarily or not, a patient file in which an unsaved note is active, a warning message is displayed.

Scenario-based simulation

  1. I’m writing a clinical note.
  2. I receive a phone call and I need to access the Results module to continue my conversation. I click on the Results module, but I forget to open it in a new tab.
  3. The following warning message appears on the screen.
  4. In order not to lose my note, I choose the Annuler option to stay on the page and I save my note.

⚠️ If you choose the Quitter option to leave the page, the note will not be saved and it will be lost.