Corporate package

Working with Omnimed means you have access to what we call the "Corporate package" that can be added to the service agreement to let you access, among other things, the electronic medical record (EMR) administrative modules, including the scanning module.

What does the Corporate package include?

  • Exclusive functionalities access: online fax, secure email to the patient, on-call feature for laboratory results, private billing module.
  • Administrative modules access: The administrative staff, thanks to the Corporate package, can access all the medico-administrative modules such as Appointments, Waiting rooms, and the patient's Administrative center. Includes licenses for administrative staff and integration with online appointment partners.
  • Scanning module access: The Corporate package allows clinics to scan documents, on our servers, that will be added to the patients' records.
  • Additional disk space for your scanned data: The Corporate package gives the clinic access to additional disk space to save your data entered in Omnimed.
  • Omnimed Tour: Several times a year, free on-site or distance training is offered for clients with the Corporate package. The topics are diverse and related to different features or various modules of the application.
  • Customer service: Our client support team is available on weekdays to answer your questions about the use of Omnimed, as well as making available online, through our Help center, dozens of explanatory articles about the application's features.

What are the costs associated with the Corporate package?

Omnimed licenses for administrative staff are not billed per user, as it is the case for health professionals. The arrival of a new secretary, for example, does not generate additional costs for the clinic. A fixed amount for the use of medico-administrative modules by administrative staff, including scanning, is invoiced monthly. Here is how this amount is calculated according to the size of the clinic.

Corporate package per group

1 to 3 billed doctors 4 to 7 billed doctors 8 to 14 billed doctors 15+ billed doctors
Monthly amount $150 $250 $350 $450
Bandwidth/month for scanning 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB

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