Send an email related to a result

Optimize the results review process by sending an email to the patient to notify them that their results have been received and reviewed. This communication helps inform and reassure patients, while reducing the administrative burden of following up on results. It is also possible to email a copy of the results to the patient as a secure document.

From the Results module in the left-hand menu or from the patient record Results summary box:

  1. Click on the email icon located on the right side of the order header to open the sending window.
  2. By default, the message "We confirm the review of your YYYY/MM/DD results" is displayed. It is possible to customize this message by using the "Normal results" and "Appointment" templates or by writing directly in the Message box.

    ℹ️ Note that this message is displayed directly in the email sent to the patient, without a two-factor identification (no PIN). Therefore, it should not contain any sensitive information.
  3. To attach a copy of a result to the email securely (option available only when the result contains a PDF file):
    1. Select the result(s) to attach to the email by checking the associated box.
    2. Select the PIN transmission mode:
      1. Via SMS: The PIN will be sent to the recipient via SMS to the cell phone number identified at the bottom of the Recipient window. By default, this is the cell phone number documented in the Contact information section of the patient Administrative center. This number can be changed as needed will not be updated in the Administrative center if modified.

      1. By the institution: Provide the recipient with the PIN required to download the document from the secure email to be sent. By default, this PIN consists of the last six characters of the patient's Health Insurance Number (HIN). If the patient does not have a HIN, a PIN must be added manually.

  4. Click on the Send button.


✉️ Consult an email already sent

The email transmission of the clinical tool as well as the content of the message is logged at the bottom of the clinical note in the Clinical note content section of the note. As the generated clinical note is incomplete, you must click on the eye icon to view it.

ℹ️ Please note

  • It is possible to validate the status of all the clinical tools sent by email by the clinic via the Transmission reconciliation report.
  • The email will be sent in the patient's communication language, previously selected in the Administrative center. If no communication language is selected, the email will be sent in French by default.
  • For security purposes, the patient has 14 days after receiving the email to download the document.
  • The delay for receiving the email may vary depending on the email system used by the patient (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).
  • If the log at the bottom of the note indicates that the document was sent, the patient will receive it. If the log indicates that the sending is unsuccessful, the sending process must be repeated.