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COVID-19: Tools for the primary care clinics in cold zones


During this pandemic, the government of Quebec has implemented preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. To promote these recommendations, we’ve developed several tools to support the primary care clinics in their work during these special times.

Helping the primary care clinics in cold zones

Our goal: help primary care services to assess symptoms, determine the patient’s eligibility to be referred to a designated Assessment Clinic (CDE), facilitate referral, and provide the physician with the necessary tools to communicate easily with his patients about their results or their potential contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Assess the patient’s symptoms (pre-visit)

The first part of the tool COVID19 - 1 - Filtrage et évaluation pour référence en CDE serves as a pre-visit questionnaire to assess symptoms related to COVID-19 and thereby confirm whether the patient can or cannot come to his medical appointment. This tool contains the most up-to-date reference criteria.

Your patient shows symptoms of COVID-19?

If you determine, during the triage questionnaire, that your patient has symptoms of COVID-19, we invite you to document the rest of the Filtrage et évaluation pour référence en CDE tool in order to complete his assessment. With this tool, you’ll have quick access the MSSS requisition form so that you can fill it out and print it or fax it. By documenting these tools, you will also allow CDE healthcare workers using Omnimed to have quick access to your patient's assessment.

Your patient has received a result of COVID-19?

After being tested for COVID-19, your patient could communicate with you to have his result (if he didn’t get them yet from the Public health) or to receive proof of his result to hand over to a third party (employer, educational institution, day-care service, etc.). The COVID19 - 4 - Patient communication letter has been developed to answer this need. It can be printed or sent to the patient or directly to the third party through a secured email or by fax. If needed, you can also fill out the COVID-19 declaration (MADO) directly in the patient record and fax it to your regional Public health department.

Your patient has received its COVID-19 vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign has started in December 2020 here in Quebec. You can fill out the formulaire de déclaration de manifestations cliniques inhabituelles après une vaccination (AH-728) directly in the patient record and fax it to your regional Public health department.

Other tools have been added to help the designated COVID-19 assessment clinics (CDE) working with Omnimed.