Day view : Display several agendas simultaneously (multi-profesional and multi-site)

The Appointment module allows consulting several calendars simultaneously, side by side, in order to visualize availabilities from the selected calendars. This display provides an overview of schedules, facilitating their planning (e.g. adapted access, walk-in, schedule of the medical student or resident with his supervisor, premises availability), and collaborative and multidisciplinary patient follow-ups. It also allows you to visualize at a glance which professionals are present on a particular day as well as the clinic's traffic.

Display several calendars simultaneously
View several agendas of a multisite group simultaneously

Display several calendars simultaneously

Here are the steps to follow to view several calendars simultaneously:

  1. Select the Display schedule details mode and the Day view.
  2. Select the calendars to be displayed by clicking on their names. This selection will be retained in the Day view.
    If necessary, click again on the calendar name to stop displaying it. 

An indicator shows the number of calendars displayed. To display all calendars again, click on the Display all button. 

A simplified view of the agendas of a multi-site setting

The selected calendars are displayed on the screen in a simplified view including the following information:

    1. For a calendar in a multi-site grouping (pre-configured): the names of institutions with availabilities, appointments or events. When a calendar contains availabilities in more than one institution for the selected day, a distinctly colored vertical bar is displayed at the beginning of each range to identify the associated institution.

    2. For availability: the start time and the name of the activity/time slot title. An availability is represented by a frame in the color associated with the activity. 
    3. For an appointment: the Administrative center, the patient's name, and the first letter or number of the appointment status. An appointment is represented by a block of the color associated with the activity while the status displays the colors specific to its configuration. If no patient is assigned to the appointment, the appointment title is displayed instead of the patient's name.
    4. The red line indicates the current time in the calendar. 

ℹ️ The Day view provides a simplified display compared to the other views to allow the viewing of multiple schedules. To see more information (e.g. end time, full status name), place the cursor on the availability or appointment. It is also possible to click on an appointment to access the details window.

There is no maximum number of calendars that can be selected. When the number of selected calendars exceeds the number that can be legibly displayed on the screen, scroll the sidebar to the right to view the other calendars.


Empty calendars display

The Day view does not display empty calendars from the list of previously selected calendars. This configuration makes it possible to identify at a glance the professionals present and their availability.

To view all agendas, including empty ones, activate the Show empty calendars switch and remove any institution filters.


➡️ Actions available

Assign an appointment
Click on availability to assign an appointment.

Add or change an appointment status
To add a status, click on the arrow to the right of an appointment and select a status from the drop-down menu. To change status, click on the square of the status to change it.

Other actions
Visualize and modify an appointment
Cancel or move an appointment

View several agendas of a multisite group simultaneously

Multisite grouping allows you to view all the calendars in your multisite grouping in the Appointments module, without having to modify your connection institution. 

⚙️ Multi-site configuration
If your institution has several sites, a configuration can be made so that you can consult the schedules of all sites from the Appointments module without having to modify the connection institution. 

Please note:
- Your user account must have access to all sites to view the calendars associated with them.
- The list of agendas in the Appointment module will contain all the calendars of the participants in the multisite. This list can be long, and can be shortened by creating groups.

Multisite configuration is a billable service. Contact your project manager to find out more!

The Day view, which can be used to display several calendars at once, shows availability, appointments and events for all sites in the multisite grouping by default. The name of each institution is displayed at the top of each calendar.  



The Institutions filters field lets you filter the display of appointments, events and availabilities by site. 

Please note that this filter does not apply to the calendar list, which contains all multisite workers at all times. To find a calendar quickly, use the search bar. To reduce the calendar list, you can create calendar groups.