Document quickly the patient's record summary

Documenting a new record can be a tedious task. Did you know that we've created a clinical tool that can help you fill the patient's summary faster? This tool has been designed for new patient management, allowing the caregiver to document the patient's problems, personal medical history, family history, vaccines, and allergies quickly.

As the original intention behind this tool is to document the most common problems, vaccines, and allergies in just a few clicks, it is not possible to add all of the details. This tool can be used mainly to say if yes or no the situation applies to the patient. For the vaccines and family history, the shot date and the family tie type can be added. Additional details can be added in a second phase by opening the appropriate summary boxes.

  1. From the clinical note, click on the General medicine group and select the tool Summary quick entry - Template, or search via the search bar the summary word to see the tool in question appear in the choices.
  2. Click Yes to all applicable items so that they are added to the summary the next time you save.
  3. If you want, you can choose No to show that you have asked the question to the patient. You will then know, the next time you open this tool again, which questions you've already asked.

ℹ️ Please note

  • The link between the clinical tool and the summary is unidirectional. If the item is already in the summary, unfortunately, the answer Yes will not be selected automatically in the tool.
  • If during a future visit, this tool is open again, the answer you've documented will already be filled in. You'll be able to change them if needed.
  • It is important to understand that this tool helps you add new information to the summary, but can't help you update it. If the item appears in the summary and that you click No in the tool, it will not be removed from the summary.