Facilitating interinstitutional collaboration in the Results module

The review of your results can be done from two places in Omnimed: in the Results module of the left menu, and in the Results summary box of the patient file.

  • In order to facilitate your results review, you can filter the list of results in the Results module no matter which institution you're logged to.

    By default, you'll always see all of your results, but you can change the filter to view only the results you've requested for the institution you're currently logged in.
  • In the Results module, you'll now be able to come to a decision faster regarding if an appointment should be scheduled with the patient about his result as his next appointment appears under his name. Only the appointments linked to the institution you're currently logged in will appear.
  • It is also possible to quickly find out the institution from which a result came from since it appears at the end of the query in the Results module and in the list of results in the patient's file.