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Grant programs basics


Grant programs exist and allow general physicians to receive a payback to cover a part of their expenses for their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) license. They were created to make EMR more accessible. In fact, many studies have concluded that computerizing physician's practice ensures a better quality of care for patients and makes their everyday work more efficient. Almost the entire EMR license cost is covered by those programs. Here are the two main existing programs and references to learn more about them.


General physicians

This grant program is really simple to join and allows physicians to receive a refund on an EMR license with specific billing codes created for this purpose. No matter if you work in an FMG, a non-FMG, or if you're involved in a super clinics' walk-in, you can receive more than 450$ each quarter for your EMR license. Consult the Frais de cabinet liés à l'utilisation d'un dossier médical électronique to learn more about existing billing codes and general conditions to claim your refund.

Computer equipment and Internet connexion fees are also included in that program! Detailed description is under the title 17.00 Frais de cabinet liés à l'utilisation d'un DME of section VI : autres mesures de compensation ou d'efficience. Modalities and criteria are also shared.

Medical specialists

Up to this date, no program exists to refund EMR license costs for medical specialists. We heard that a new program could be launched soon for them, but it's only a rumor at this time… Ask them for more information if you are interested!

PQADME program

The Programme québécois d'adoption du dossier médical électronique (PQADME), also available for general physicians, was launched in the last years. Inscriptions ended on August 31th, 2016. Thus, you must already be registered to the program to receive refunds.

Good to know:

  • Allowed amounts differ depending on the clinic type you work in (FMG, non-FMG, private or public establishment).
  • The selected EMR must be certified (Omnimed is).
  • You must participate to the Quebec Health Record (QHR).
  • The maximum amount allowed can reach 1400$ annually for an EMR license. Furthermore, EMR implementation and computer equipment costs are both eligible for a refund of up to 70 % of a maximum of 5000$.
  • Visit this website to learn more.


It’s also possible to receive a refund on Omnimed EMR training. We offer you a personalized accompaniment so you can obtain that financial help.

ℹ️ Summary

Refund up to 1839$ annually.


Emploi-Québec (with an official evaluation) :

  • 50% of training fees
  • 50% of trained employees salaries

    Last update: March 2019