Identify the patient's drugstore

The patient's drugstore can be documented in the Administrative center in order to store the information and to be able to quickly fax the patient's prescriptions to the correct drugstore via the prescriber.

Document the patient's drugstore

  1. Access the patient's Administrative center (patient icon left to the patient's name).
  2. Click on the Modify button in the Drugstore section.
  3. Search for the patient's drugstore using one or more of the following: name, telephone, or fax number (format 888-780-6081), banner, and drugstore address.

    💡You will have better results using the phone or fax number since this information is unique to the pharmacy. The name of the pharmacy (therefore the name of the associated pharmacists) will also give you excellent search results.

    Favorite drugstores are displayed at the top of the list of results.
  4. Click on a drugstore to select it.
    📘 How to update drugstores : If the drugstore you are looking for is not in the selection or if its contact details need to be changed, it is possible to update the Directory by clicking on the icon to the right of the search bar:

  5. Click on the Save button.

The drugstore is added to the Administrative center :

ℹ️ Please note

Only one pharmacy can be added to the patient's administrative center. It can be modified by clicking on the X to the right of the pharmacy to remove the pharmacy and then by adding the new pharmacy.