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Update the Directory

The Directory allows you to search, add and edit a resource (drugstore, collection center, imaging center, medical clinic, specialized medicine, professional service, etc.).

Shared among all users, it is used to identify the patient's drugstore in the administrative center and to fax documents.

Consult the Directory

  1. Access the Directory from the left-hand navigation menu:

    It is also possible to access the Directory from the Drugstore section of the Administrative center`:
  2. Search for a resource via the search bar using one or a combination of the following elements: name, phone or fax number, address, or grouping (e.g. drugstore banner).

    For more precision, select the type of resource you are looking for (imaging center, collection center, medical clinic, CLSC, specialized medicine, pharmacy, professional service, or other).
  3. When there are more than ten search results, click on the navigation arrows in the upper right corner to view the next pages.

    Resources are displayed in alphabetical order.

Add a resource to your favorites

A click on the heart icon allows you to add a resource as a favorite.


💡 Suggestion: We recommend that you validate from the outset the presence of the resources with whom you often communicate and add them to your favorites in order to save time when assigning the patient's drugstore or sending faxes!

Add a resource

  1. Search the resource from the search bar to confirm that it is not already in the directory.
  2. Click on the + in the lower right corner.
  3. Complete the addition form:
  4. Click on Add.

Modify a resource

To change the name or contact information of a resource:

  1. Search for the resource from the search bar.
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the resource you want to edit.
  3. Update the resource's information.
  4. Click on Modify.

Delete a resource

  1. Search for the resource from the search bar.
  2. Click on the bin icon to the right of the resource you want to delete.