Installation procedure - For authorized service center and network administrator - QHR access


The Québec Health Record (QHR) is a tool that allows physicians and other healthcare providers to access essential information in order to act quickly and to ensure the quality of patient follow-ups.

This guide covers all configurations and information that are necessary to set up access to the QHR through Omnimed. It is intended for network administrators and any other person that could proceed to the installation of the software on the institution’s network.

Individual installation:

Installation by group policy:
Installateur 1 OmnimedQHRAuthenticator 32 bits.msi
Installateur 1 OmnimedQHRAuthenticator 64 bits.msi
Installateur 2 QHRCardPowerDownRegistry 32 bits.msi
Installateur 2 QHRCardPowerDownRegistry 64 bits.msi