New clinical tools and reports - April and may 2023


The full list of clinical tools is available here (French only): Liste des outils cliniques. We invite you to use the search feature(Ctrl+F) to search in the list.

Find out what factors impact the scheduling of clinical tool requests/reports/patient documents.

Tools integrated in April and May 2023



  • UQTR CUC - Nouveau motif
  • UQTR CUC - Examen physique - Colonne vertébrale
  • UQTR CUC - Examen physique - Membre supérieur


  • DÉBA - Drogues - Assessment and Screening of Assistance Needs (SDS and DUIS)

    *DÉBA - Alcohol and Games are in development

Primary care access point

  • GAP CISSSLAN - Unité de soutien clinique - Appel initial 
  • GAP CISSSLAN - Unité de soutien clinique - Suivi 24 heures
  • GAP CISSSLAN - Unité de soutien clinique - Douleur abdominale
  • GAP CISSSLAN - Unité de soutien clinique - Chute

General medicine

  • QMD - Feuille de travail (pas de version anglaise)


  • Liaison pharmacien - Doxycycline: patient asymptomatique suite à une piqûre de tique - CHUS


  • New buttons incorporated to allow to open the following forms from form 4:
    • Requête obstétrique
    • Imaging requisition
    • Dossier échographique obstétrical (AH-265)
    • Dépistage prénatal de la trisomie 21 (AH-611)
  • New tests have been added into the obstetrics requisition (section Bilan #1 et Bilan #2)
    • Vagina culture
    • Chlamydia+Gonorrhoeae 
  • Requête de transfert néonatal - CCPQ


  • IPQ - Lombalgie
  • IPQ - Cervicalgie

Respiratory medicine

  • Prescription pour plan d'action MPOC

Patient Support Programs (PSP)

  • Ajovy (fremanezumab) - PSP Form Migraine (09-2022)
  • Brenzys (etanercept) - Patient support Program - 2022 (update)
  • Hyrimoz (adalimumab) - Enrolment and consent form (update)
  • Nubeqa (darolutamide) - Dart program enrolment form
  • Truxima (rituximab) - Granulomatosis with polyangiitis - Enrolment form


  • Demande de coloscopie longue (AH-702) (mise à jour)

 Requisitions - 16

  • Demande prise en charge médicale - Perte d'autonomie et soins palliatifs - CSSS Haute-Yamaska


Planning of clinical tools / reports / patient documents

We want to remind you that we are adding new tools in our system at the request of our customers and according to new projects we are working on. Our three client teams divide the task and prioritize requests every two weeks during a meeting called the “Clinical Tools Bureau”. The additions come as follows:

  • acquisition of new customers
  • projects of our healthcare trajectories team which develope tools specific to certain care trajectories in order to facilitate processes and follow-ups (e.g. diabetes, rheumatology, pregnancy follow-up, home care, etc.)
  • requests from medical clinic users

Some factors play an important role in the prioritization of requests:

  • Document type: We give priority to developing tools that come from official sources (governement, ministerial) since they tend to answer the need of a greater number of people.
  • Reach: We give priority to the tools that meet the greatest number of customers.
  • Number of request: The more a tool is requested, the more likely it is to be integrated.
  • Billable or not: The development of clinical tools is part of our billable services. “Billable” tools are therefore prioritized.