Register a patient in a waiting room


In the process of welcoming patients, it is possible for administrative staff to notify the clinical staff of the patient's arrival by registering them in the waiting room.

Add a patient to a waiting room

  1. Click on the clock icon in the Administrative center header or in the patient's appointment list.
  2. Complete the required information for the patient registration in the dialog box that appears:
    • Associated appointment: By default, this field will be filled with the next appointment for the patient taking place within the previous or following 12 hours. If no appointment is available, "None" will be selected by default.
    • With: This field is automatically filled according to the order specified below. It is possible to change the default registered user by deleting the content of the text box and then typing the name or identifier of the concerned user. The list then displays the corresponding healthcare professionals in the connection establishment.
      • the appointment professional associated with registration;
      • the professional responsible for the patient;
      • the family doctor;
      • the professional whose user has an activated mandate;
      • the user himself.
    • Waiting room: The waiting room filled by default is the waiting room displayed on the left menu of the chosen healthcare worker. It is possible to modify the waiting room among the list of existing waiting room choices for the current institution (there may be more than one waiting room, the addition of the waiting room is done through the administrator account).
    • Registration time
      • Enter the date the patient was registered in the waiting room, in YYYY/MM/DD format. The default date is the current date;
      • Enter the time of patient registration in the waiting room in the HH:MM format.

3. Add the patient to the waiting room by clicking on the Add button.

⚠️ Please note

The patient registered in a waiting room will only be visible in the waiting room in the "Next Patients" section (waiting room displayed on the left menu) of the selected provider. All registrations will appear in the Waiting room module.