Remove a patient from the waiting room and access their record

It is a good practice to remove patients from the waiting room at the time of their appointment. Patients can be removed by the health professional assigned to the appointment or by administrative staff.

From the waiting room selected on the left menu (for health professionals)

To remove a patient from the waiting room, the provider must click on the patient's name displayed in the left menu under the selected waiting room title.

This action will remove the patient's name from the waiting room and will automatically open the patient's record, eliminating the need for the health professional to search for the patient's record. The patient is automatically removed from the waiting room in the two following cases:

  1. when the user who clicks is the one associated with the waiting room registration.
  2. when the registration is not associated with any user.

From the Waiting room module (for administrative personnel)

It is also possible to remove one or more patients from the waiting room at the same time from the Waiting room module. To do so, check the boxes corresponding to the patients to be removed and then click on the recycle bin icon at the top of the list.