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The Medications summary box to prescribe

Omnimed has its own prescriber. It is thus possible to view, prescribe and renew orders directly into patient records in the EMR.

Prescribe orders

Omnimed's prescriber offers different prescribing methods:

  • Prescribe quickly with the suggested treatments
  • Customize your prescription
  • Create a manual prescription
  • Prescribe from a favorite

To understand how to prescribe step by step with these four methods, consult this article.

Renew orders

Instead of prescribing the same medication each time to a patient, you can renew a medication already prescribed that is in the Profile tab or in the Renewables tab.

Access the QHR through Omnimed

If you are a physician or another healthcare professional and have a QHR key, you can quickly import your patients' medication into their profile. Here are the steps to follow:

Medications summary box overview

To better understand the Medications summary box and all its features, read this article that explains all tabs and functionalities.