Configuring RAMQ registration import


A configuration is required in order for the patient's Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) registration to be displayed in Omnimed. To find out what steps to take, consult the instructions for the situation applicable to your institution: 

  1. Your institution registers patients as a follow-up location. Ex: Family Medicine Group (FMG).
  2. Your institution does not register patients. Ex. Specialty medicine clinic.

View all patient RAMQ registrations

In order to view in Omnimed the information related to the RAMQ registration of patients with a family physician, a delegated professional or a group of physicians, this service makes it possible to verify, from the Omnimed administrative center, if an insured person is registered with a professional and, if so, to know his identity.

✅ If you already have access to your patients' RAMQ registrations in Omnimed, no additional configuration is required.

If you have not already configured the import of RAMQ registrations into Omnimed, you must complete section 4 Autorisation of the form Demande d’accès aux services en ligne – Identité du médecin de famille – B2B (4444). This form must be signed by the person authorized to grant the required access, depending on your situation. You may refer to the instructions on the back of the form.

Once you have received the required information from the RAMQ (AIP code and associated password), please complete this form so that we can finalize the configuration. ⚠️ Please note that an AIP code can only be used by one system at a time. The AIP code given to Omnimed must therefore not be used by another partner (e.g. billing).

Import your institution's RAMQ registrations

A configuration is required so that registrations of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) for patients in your institution are imported and displayed in your electronic medical record (EMR). This configuration is usually done during the initial deployment phase of your clinic with Omnimed. It can, however, be adjusted along the way if changes occur.

Items to configure

  • Full name of the establishment.
  • FMG reference number (1XXX, if applicable).
  • AIP Access Code- This value is unique for each EMR or appointment partner.
    • To obtain an AIP code, form 4058 (French only) must be completed. Ask for two identifiers for the AIP code. If the first one does not work, we have a second identifier in our possession to keep the synchronization working.
  • AIP code password.
  • RAMQ Number FMG - Also known as the place of follow-up or locality, this is the establishment number for billing (usually 5XXXX or 6XXXX).
  • CE or IP identifier- CE identifier is intended for administrative staff and the IP code is its alternative for solo doctors.
    • To obtain a CE code, form 4004 (FMG work context - French only) or form 3899 (non-FMG work context - French only) must be completed.
  • Full name of the owner of the CE identifier.
  • CE identifier password - This password can be reset by its owner on the RAMQ website as soon as the configuration is complete.
  • Importation type (FMG or non-FMG) - One type of importation per clinic.

Form to send us

Download the form. Complete it and send it to your project manager or

Good to know

  • It is possible to do one type of import by institution, either FMG or non-FMG.
  • The RAMQ import is performed every night when we have the rights (valid access codes).
  • If the owner of the CE identifier leaves the clinic, you must send us the new authorized CE identifier for the importation of the registrations of all the doctors of the clinic, otherwise, we will no longer have the authorization to receive updates from RAMQ.