View the Administrative center's modification history

The audit report Rapport d'audit pour un numéro de dossier displays the complete history of changes made to the patient's Administrative center.

  1. Access the Report module.
  2. Select the report Rapport d'audit pour un numéro de dossier.
  3. Enter the patient's file number in the window Contrôles d'entrée then click on OK.
  4. Consult the report:
    1. The information history is divided into the following categories: Info patient, Info Téléphone, Info Adresse, Info courriel, Info No_dossier et commentaire, Info Intervenant Responsable.   
    2. For each action, you'll find the following information: type (creation, modification, deletion), date, information displayed, information on the user who took the action (ID, first and last name) and the application used for the action.