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View the patient's medications available in the QHR

⚠️ Please note that we are not a Quebec Health Record (Dossier santé Québec). If you do not have a QHR key or if you have questions concerning QHR Production, outside of Omnimed, you must contact their customer service directly.

Access to the QHR for laboratory results, imaging reports, and medications are available through Omnimed's EMR.

If you have the prerequisites to access the QHR, if your user profile is set up and if you can access the QHR viewer, then you can now access the platform!

Access to the QHR medications viewer

  1. By clicking on the link, the QHR viewer will open in a new tab. Next, you'll have to select the date for which you want to see the medication.
  2. All medications prescribed during the selected dates will be displayed in the table. Please note that there might be medications missing if the patient has revoked its consent for a certain period of time.
  3. It is possible to consult the details related to each medication (e.g. the summary of dispensations, dosage, dispensing instructions, etc.) or to import a medication by clicking on the 3 vertically aligned dots which will give you access to the details window.
  4. Once you're done viewing the patient's medications, you should close the tab.


ℹ️ Please note that all communications with the QHR require au authentication with the access device which is protected by a password. Therefore, if there is no activity in the QHR viewer for a certain time you'll be asked again to enter your NIP.