Add a task

It is possible to create and assign tasks, either patient-related or administrative, whether in an electronic results management context, in a process of reviewing clinical notes, or for any type of action to be undertaken. These tasks can be managed from the patient record or from the Tasks module.

Add a task related to a patient

The Tasks summary box, located to the right of the patient's record, allows you to add tasks and assign them.

From the patient record:

  1. Click on the + in the Tasks summary box to display the Add a task window.
  2. Enter the task title manually or select a quick task from your favorites or from the dropdown list.
  3. Indicate the due date. The current date is displayed by default. It is also possible to omit the due date.
  4. Add a description if needed.
  5. The task is associated by default to the connection institution. You can change this institution to send a task to a user from another institution if it is previously configured to your account.
  6. Assign the task to a person or task queue. Start writing the name of the person or queue and select the name from the menu.
  7. The priority of the task is Normal by default. Click Urgent to increase the priority.
  8. Click the Add task button.

ℹ️ It is also possible to add a task to the patient record from the following locations:

Add an administrative task

For tasks of an administrative nature that are not related to a patient, it is possible to create tasks that will not be related to a patient record.

From the Tasks module:

  1. Click on the checkbox icon to add an administrative task. Make sure you are working under your name to be able to add an administrative task.
  2. The window for adding an administrative task is similar to the one for tasks associated with a patient record. Follow steps 2 to 8 of the previous section.